The Secret Of African Faith And Also The Introduction Of Christianity


OGUN: The name Ogun stemmed from one ethnic people in West Africa. Ogun is the god of iron as well as additionally among the divine beings that individuals venerated. They recognize the presence of the Almighty GOD, however they thought that the most convenient means to get to GOD is via the lower divine beings like Ogun, which act as an intermediary in between guy and also GOD.

Clergyman: The Priest of Ogun is likewise understood as indigenous physician. The Priest has a temple where he get in touch with the gods for himself, the individuals that come to him for one type of spiritual issue and also the culture in basic. The Priest is the only single authority that has the power to set up a change for Ogun which is normally gone along with by some routines. The iron has no power of its very own, however the spirit behind those irons is the genuine Ogun.

Christians are venerating or commending GOD

To conjure up the spirit of Ogun, the Priest has to do some sacrifice by butchering some pets like: hens, goats or pet dogs. Drink: This is the procedure where the living honor forefathers by putting drink – paying tribute- on the ground prior to the living eat it. Drink is carried out with alcohol. Sometimes, the Priest requires to use drink initially to both the forefathers and also the spirit of Ogun prior to speaking with the oracle.

Prophecy is lugged out by the oracle Priest with the Palo Mayombe help of cowries, colanuts, white powder or various other gadgets appropriate to the Priest. They can get in touch with an oracle with the Priest to assist them locate out that swiped or exactly how the cash obtained missing out on. Any individual of them that took the vow wrongly may pass away via crash reason by the divine being- Ogun.

The Secret Of African Faith And Also The Introduction Of Christianity

These individuals have actually tasted both powers and also uncovered that there is no various other power various other than the power of Almighty GOD via his only child Jesus Christ. It is a well understood reality that the idolizers/ divine beings Priests can not stand the power or the name of Jesus.